Some of the patients suffering from abnormal changes of the knee, the changes damage only one section of the knee, in the inner or outer part. In these patients, Dr. Suzanna Horovitz can perform partial knee replacement surgery.

Partial knee replacement surgery restores much of the patient’s original knee and involves a smaller trauma, than replacing the entire knee joint. The entire recovery and rehabilitation process is easier, with better chances of success and adjustment.

Who is eligible for partial knee replacement surgery?

The criteria for partial knee replacement are:

  • The patella is almost intact
  • The leg is fairly normal
  • The range of motion in the knee is almost full
  • The ligaments and tendons in the knee are not damaged
  • The patient does not suffer from significant overweight

These patients suffer from considerable pain and dysfunction due to degenerative changes that appear only on one side of the knee and require surgical intervention.

On the other hand, patients with severe knee erosion, inflammatory joint disease, significant knee restriction, torn knee ligaments, or significant overweight are not suitable for this surgery.

החלפת ברך חלקית

Below is a typical list of tests and tasks that Dr. Suzanna Horovitz may ask you to do during the weeks prior to your surgery:

  • Perform a general physical examination, including a dental exam
  • Review the medication you are using
  • Weight loss
  • Performing laboratory tests
  • An early meeting in the hospital with an anesthesiologist
  • Meet with your physiotherapist to prepare a rehabilitation program to get you back on the move
  • Wash with antiseptic soap on the day before surgery and on the day of surgery

Although the process of recovery from surgery is customized for each patient, here’s what you might expect in the days after surgery.

When your medical condition stabilizes after surgery, the physiotherapist will recommend some exercises for the replaced joint. Gradually your dose of analgesics will be reduced, and you will likely to become more and more mobile.

A few days after surgery, Dr. Suzanna Horovitz will be able to order your discharge from the hospital and return to your home. In the next period, Dr. Suzanna Horovitz will follow up on your condition and progress, and you will continue your rehabilitation with the physiotherapist, who will treat you until a successful recovery from surgery.