Dr. Suzanna Horovitz graduated from the School of Medicine at Hadassah, Jerusalem, and is a Senior Orthopedic-Surgeon at the Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer.

Suzanna Horovitz’s experience in knee surgery not only helped patients of all ages to return to active life without restrictions, but also professional athletes, such as soccer players and basketball players, who suffered sports-related joint injuries, returned to the filed after a rehabilitation process that last a relatively short recovery period.

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The extensive experience in knee surgery, and the specialization in all surgical techniques allow Dr. Suzanna Horovitz to recommend the patient with the least invasive surgical possible and at the same time with the highest prospects of success.

Despite her extensive surgical experience, Dr. Suzanna Horovitz’s philosophy regards surgical intervention as the last resort, and Dr. Susanna Horovitz’s extensive knowledge of the risks involved in each operation and the difficulties and limitations of a patient during recovery and rehabilitation, drives Dr. Suzanna Horovitz to recommend a surgery only if joint disease or traumatic injury does not respond satisfactorily to the range of conservative treatment options without surgical intervention.

סוזנה מנתחת ארטרוסקופיה

In cases where surgical intervention is necessary, Dr. Suzanna Horovitz’s extensive experience in orthopedic surgery provides the patient with minimally invasive surgical options, which are performed by sophisticated surgical equipment through cuts in the skin that do not usually exceed a few millimeters.

These minimally invasive surgical approaches generally shorten the recovery period significantly, improve the chances of rehabilitation and return to active life, and reduce the risks to patients that involved in any surgical intervention.

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